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Whether we're working too hard or not hard enough or we're over anxious or a little too chill, it's important to return to center and to strike a better balance in our lives.

Let's begin with a Guided Meditation.

Here, we’ll connect with Archangel Raguel and unpack the areas in which we are out of alignment:

Now let's put pen to paper.

It's important for us to physically visualize the areas that haven't been properly balanced. On the paper below (or in our journal), let's document what we discovered through the meditation.

This imbalance is no longer serving us. Today, we promise to live our lives in better harmony. Let's rip, burn (safely), or flush the paper above in a representation of our commitment to make a change.

What does this change look like?

On this next sheet, let's write our achievable vision of balance.

We'll prominently place this paper on our desk, mirror, or nightstand, so we are reminded over the next 7 days to make balanced choices and to establish healthier habits.

Tarot and Oracle Cards.

Let’s gain further insight by seeking guidance and encouragement from the Angels. We’ll grab our favorite Tarot or Oracle deck, shuffle (with the concept of balance in mind), and pull four cards—one for each question below:

  1. What mentally or emotionally do I need to let go of?

  2. What physical habits or routines do I need to relax or leave behind?

  3. What mentally or emotionally do I need to focus more on?

  4. What physical habits or routines do I need to do more of or prioritize?

Are the cards in alignment with our self-discoveries from the meditation and journaling?

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