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Let's begin by enjoying a complimentary angel meditation:

Now, with the full support of the angels and our friends fresh in our minds, we'll affirm our biggest goal for the month in writing. Let's visualize our community championing and celebrating us as we set an intention for the month ahead. Once established, we'll follow by committing to four achievable steps that will help us accomplish this goal (one step for each week of the month):

Need added support? Join Deborah Rahalski (Cosmic Adventurer, Artist, and Intuitive Reader) and me for an evening of meditation, reflection, and readings on February 10, 2024:

Further, Deborah has blessed us with a Daruma ritual for this February collaboration and the Lunar New Year.

The following ritual is a gift from Deborah.

The Daruma Tradition

Darumas represent the Japanese spirit of Ganbaru (Let's do our best). Our lifepath may have potholes and unexpected detours when we might feel our best is not enough. Daruma reminds us to use our willpower to pick ourselves up, get back on track, and keep moving toward our goals. Regardless of the outcome, Daruma knows the true reward is in transforming who we become as we reach for our dreams!

Instructions :

Decorate the Daruma above with colors you like and that match your goals (see color guide)

The small circle on the front usually has traditional Kanji characters for words like prosperity, health, wisdom, happiness, and good fortune. We left this open so you can choose one that matches your goals or draw in your own symbol or sigil.

Fill in ONE eye and leave the other eye blank!

When you achieve your goal, you will thank the Daruma for helping you fulfill your vision by filling in the other eye.

Lunar New Year Ritual for activating your Daruma

Throughout Asia, The Lunar New Year is the most important holiday of the year, so it is a time of big celebrations, festive parades, ceremonies, and rituals. Although Darumas can be, and often are, created throughout the year, it is one of Japan's most popular New Year rituals.

The purpose of rituals is to move energy- whether we're clearing, creating, or celebrating, we want our ritual to include things that connect us to energy with the best vibrational match to the energy of our intention. Creating your own ritual for activating your Daruma during the Lunar New Year will give it a deeper personal connection.

The Lunar New Year begins with the New Moon on February 9th at 10:58 pm UTC (5:58 pm ET/2:58 pm PT)

Ensure you have decorated your Daruma with your chosen colors, symbols, and a written statement of your goals.

Gather the things you plan to use for your New Year's ritual (crystals, candles, incense, smudge sticks, chimes, a drum, etc.) and decide where you will perform the ritual to dedicate your Daruma.

On the day of the New Moon (it can be anytime on February 9th):

  1. Create a sacred space, call in Divine support and Light.

  2. Ground your energy and connect to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth.

  3. State your goal/intention out loud.

  4. Now, ask your Daruma for their assistance in accomplishing your goal and make your "Ganbaru" (I will do my best) promise to do your part daily to co-create your goal.

  5. Seal your promise and activate your Daruma with a robust and bright sound (a chime, bell, or sharp clap of your hands) as you say.


Put your Daruma where you can see it daily so you can thank Daruma and renew your Ganbaru promise!

Experience even more rituals within the Angel Party 365 journal:

And join the upcoming live Angel Party events:

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