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In uncertain times, a commitment to hope can transform our daily experiences and invite others to form a foundation of faith.

So, as we release the chaos and confusion from the past month and aim to regain a feeling of optimism through the time ahead, let's ignite our awareness of the unconditional love and acceptance of the angels by engaging in this brief angel meditation:

Maintaining the connection to confidence awakened in this meditation, it's time to set intentions for the month ahead.

In at least one paragraph, affirm the biggest goal to accomplish this month. Once documented, break down the goal into four achievable steps (one for each week of the month).:

Now, do it! Tackle each goal, focusing one step at a time until it is accomplished.

Need added support? Join me and Cosmic Cheerleader Joanna Pantazes for an evening of meditation, reflection, and readings on May 11, 2024 at 5 pm Pacific:

Further, Joanna has created a beautiful bonus card spread to reveal the Luminous Pathways in our lives:

Card 1 - The Beacon of Hope

Card 2 - The Foundation of Faith

Card 3 - The Strength of Resilience

Reflect on each prompt and pull cards at random to uncover the angelic guidance:

And we can't forget to reflect on the cards we've chosen by spending a little time writing in our journal:

Experience even more rituals within the Angel Party 365 journal and planner:

Angel Party 365: May is also available on Amazon.

And join even more upcoming live Angel Party events:

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