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It's time to connect with our persistence, flexibility, and power.

We'll begin with a complimentary angel meditation.

Sit back, relax, and press play:

Now, with the full support of the angels and a connection to our worthiness and resilience, let's affirm our biggest goal for the month ahead. As we set an intention in writing, make sure to maintain the sense of confidence established through the meditation above. Once affirmed on paper, we'll follow by committing to four achievable steps that will help us accomplish this goal (one step for each week of the month):

Need added support? Join me (Intuitive Artist and Angel Coach) and Jem Wright (Angel Intuitive) for an evening of meditation, reflection, and readings on March 9 at 5 pm Pacific (March 10 at Noon Sydney):

Enter to win a FREE Ticket:

Coming Soon:

And even more live Angel Party events:

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