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Intuitive Artist | Angel Coach

Certified Crystal Reiki Master | Usui Reiki Master
Certified Angels & Auras Reader™ | Certified Angel Tarot Reader™
Certified Angel Oracle™ | Certified Angel Guide™

Certified Angel Numerologist

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  • Angel Party: Indulgence
    Angel Party: Indulgence
    Join us for a fulfilling evening of meditation, reflection, and Angel Art Readings. This evening, we'll re-prioritize pleasure and create a blueprint for bliss in our lives. All are welcome. Connect with like-minded individuals on this journey of joy.
  • Angel Party: Transition
    Angel Party: Transition
    Join psychic medium Kevin Cross and intuitive artist John Mothershead for a transformative Zoom Angel Party. Connect with Archangel Azrael's nurturing energy as we explore the theme of transition. This 2-hour event includes meditation, oracle reflection, and angel readings for select volunteers.
  • Angel Party: Freedom
    Angel Party: Freedom
    This feeling of being stuck is an illusion. We can follow our dreams freely, with a safety net of angelic support guiding us. Through meditation, reflection, and Angel Art Readings, let's visualize the open road ahead tonight, leaving space for the magical opportunities we have yet to foresee.
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John Mothershead Angel Reading Testimonial

John has done several readings for myself and my husband. The last one he did for me was spot on. I asked if my new shift in career would happen, all the cards lead to yes. The number 11 came into play. Not a week later I received a call about work, and my first day on the job was the 11th! A similar situation happened with my husband. He is looking to change jobs and he received a call from the business to set up an interview the very day after his reading!

Abby R.

John Mothershead Angel Coach

Through my work and travels, I have enjoyed connecting with thousands of clients throughout the US, Canada, England, and Australia.  I am an avid student of A Course in Miracles, Certified Archangel Art Reader, Certified Angels & Auras Reader™, Certified Angel Card Reader™, Certified Angel Tarot Reader™, and Certified Angel Numerologist.  I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master & Crystal Reiki Teacher, Certified Angel Guide™, and Certified Angel Oracle™ and have received the 7 Archangel Divine Activation Codes from Shaman Elka Boren.  I provide a casual, compassionate, and judgment-free approach to my spiritual services, and I would be honored to work with you.

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