by John Mothershead

Inspired by one spunky little house cat and supported with a foundation of educational tools, ideal for parents and educators of children ages 3 to 8, Bagheera Bach combines the suspenseful story of a housecat, desperately trying to escape the confines of his luxurious home, with the beautiful watercolors of the brilliantly talented Sonrisa Smiley.


Coming Soon!

John's second book, brilliantly illustrated by Keith Jones, is Zhi, (think "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" meets "the Very Hungry Caterpillar").  The story generates a broad appeal to children, teens, and adults, telling the legend of the koi, the inspiration for most traditional fish and dragon tattoos. You see, in order for the koi to be transformed into a dragon, the hero, ZHI (which translates to Purpose/Will), has to persist through the long journey up China's Yellow River, against odds, turbulent currents, and the biggest of waterfalls. Lyrical language, musical mantras, gender neutral pronouns, and innocent (yet sophisticated) illustrations are sure to inspire all readers, big and small.