Seeking guidance or need some motivation to get you through this difficult time!?  Book an Angel Reading, today! 

After purchase, you will receive a welcome email requesting the more detailed information required to personalize your Angel experience. A second email will be sent within 36-hours containing an initial photograph of your Tarot, Oracle, or Angel Art reading and a comprehensive description of each image's meaning. A follow up will be included, free of charge.  This follow up will be received via email and / or scheduled for a 30-minute zoom coaching call, depending on your comfort level and the package of your choice. 

Angel Art Reading
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Reiki Candle


Enjoy the healing magic of Reiki from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and on your own schedule!


Brighten your home or office with a Reiki Candle. Candles are personalized to your desired intention, anointed with oils, infused with reiki energy and topped with the resin of frankincense and myrrh. 


Your purchase of a hand-carved candle will include a 30-minute zoom coaching call and your candle will be shipped within 14 days.


Abby R.

John has done several readings for myself and my husband. The last one he did for me was spot on. I asked if my new shift in career would happen, all the cards lead to yes. The number 11 came into play. Not a week later I received a call about work, and my first day on the job was the 11th! A similar situation happened with my husband. He is looking to change jobs and he received a call from the business to set up an interview the very day after his reading!


Ruth H.

Don’t hesitate! Book a session with John today. He is the one you have been looking for. A group of us had a candle carving session with John. That experience alone was incredible, due to John’s insights in answering our questions, his kindness in calming our fears, and his palpable support for our manifesting our desires and goals. My intention was for clarity, intuition, and balance. Now, weeks later, all that has come... and a big increase in my income, as well. Thank you, John, for sharing your gifts with the world!

Sarah H.

My reading with John was the most positive experience I’ve ever had. He made me feel comfortable from the very start with his warmth and charm. His reading was also extremely accurate and helped me with a problem I was currently facing. Honestly, do yourself a favor and go to John!