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Angel Art Reading: Archangel Chamuel is asking you to step out, be vulnerable, and share your gifts with the world. Michael will assist in releasing attachments that no longer serve you and Zadkiel can help you forgive those who once held you back. You are now safe to take a leap of faith without this baggage from the past.


Breathe in, breathe out

Breathe in, breathe out

As you sit in stillness, connect with the loving spirit of the Divine

Though in physical form you are sitting alone in this chair, in spirit, you are surrounded by a swarm of angels and ancestors offering their unconditional love and support

Open your heart and mind to see them

Visualize their vibrant colors and their smiling faces as they appear around you

Now another row reveals themselves behind them…..

And another….

And another……

Bask in the glow of this endless entourage of Divine beings

Feel the warmth of their glow, as they gather (in perpetuity) in your honor

They are your angelic team, community, family, and friends

Honor their existence by accepting their presence, opening your eyes and ears to their constant guidance and allowing them to assist you by asking them for help

When you smile, you shine their love to the world

When you laugh, you amplify their joy

When you are alone, you are together

How beautiful is this heavenly array of angels and how blessed you are to be the physical manifestation of their divinity

When you connect with the illusion of loneliness, you are choosing to disconnect from this angelic alliance

When you feel wronged, you are rejecting your access to their divine righteousness

You, alone in physical (but together with them) are complete

You are whole

You are enough

You are Divine

Feel the energy of this togetherness as it warms your soul and sends shockwaves of love and light through your city...


Across the oceans...

Wrapping the globe...

And expanding past the sun and through the universe...

Together, we are one

Join the Party:

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