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As we emerge from the long winter, let us take a moment to welcome the season of renewal that is upon us. It is time to embrace a fresh start and re-evaluate our game plan for 2023.

Whether you are ahead of schedule, right on track, just getting started, or completely off the bandwagon, remember that you are precisely where you are meant to be and that this is the perfect moment to realign with your goals.

Let us begin with a simple yet powerful meditation. Please have a pen and paper handy because this meditation will lead into a guided journal prompt.

Take a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for, what you have accomplished over the past three months, and with kindness and encouragement, what you could have done better.

How wonderful does it feel to acknowledge your progress and set intentions for the future!

Now, from this place of alignment, let us revise our 2023 game plan. Start by writing down your overarching goal for the rest of the year. Once you have done that, break that goal down into nine milestones, one for each month of the year. Finally, break each monthly milestone down into four concrete to-dos.

Here's my example to clarify this process:

Overarching Goal: Buy a Car

April Milestone: Clear the garage to make space for the car

April To-Dos:

1 - Donate the boxes I'm gifting (that are currently taking up space in the garage)

2 - Put Christmas boxes back in the attic (this will clear up even more space)

3 - Get the boxes of books into shelves (a car can almost fit)

4 - Get the boxes of patio stuff built and outside for Spring!

Voila! Just like that, I am one step closer to getting a car or at least having space to park one! The next milestone for May could be paying off my taxes, so I am more financially prepared for a car's expenses.

Remember to end by offering yourself some words of encouragement to stay on track throughout the year.

If you require extra guidance, try pulling some tarot or oracle cards to see what the angels have to say.

Additionally, I invite you to join me for the next Angel Party to receive an Angel Art Reading for some extra motivation.

Remember, my dear friends, that through aligned action, anything is possible.

Let us make 2023 the year of tremendous success and abundant joy.

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1 commentaire

Hillary K. Maley
Hillary K. Maley
09 avr. 2023

Just BEAUTIFUL. That was the perfect meditation/exercise on this early Easter morn. Thank you, dear heart. Happy Easter (renewal, rebirth, rejuvenation, to you & yours) With love & gratitude for you. xx❤️

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