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Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Are you ready for your manifestation?

Is your home configured to be shared with a partner?

Is your business stocked and ready for demand?

Are you energetically and emotionally prepared for the spotlight?

And have you planned in detail for how you're gonna spend all that money?

In this post, we will analyze our preparedness and step into alignment with our vision!

Together, through the release of what's holding us back and the active preparation for success, we can make our dreams a reality!

Let's start by analyzing what mentally, emotionally, and / or physically has been holding us back from manifesting miracles. Take the time to reflect on what negative habits, emotions, and mindsets have been getting in the way of our goals.

Without judgement, put pen to paper and release this negativity.

Once complete, we'll rip, burn, or destroy this paper to ritualistically symbolize our commitment to let these roadblocks go.

Now let's meditate:

With our mind clear, our body relaxed, and our vibration high, let's put pen to paper again... this time committing to a plan of action to achieve the desired outcome.

What do we need to prepare and what actionable steps can we take to come into alignment with our manifestation?

Now repeat, "Thank you Angels for connecting me to (my desired outcome). By taking action on the agenda above, I demonstrate my preparedness for this manifestation to materialize. I am ready!"

We'll repeat this affirmation daily, as we achieve the planned to-dos over the course of the next few months.

Now, we'll Ask the Angels (Tarot or Oracle Cards):

Let's look through our Tarot or Oracle deck and pick a "Significator Card" to represent our desired manifestation, then we'll pull three supporting cards at random to represent how we're meant to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for the actualization of our outcome.

Do the cards support and add clarity to what we already wrote on the to-do list above? Likely they do!

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