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Letters of Forgiveness

When we hold hostility in our heart, towards ourselves or others, we are not just amplifying negativity and cynicism throughout the world, but the grievances often cause the greatest stress in our most sacred and silent of spaces (like our home and our bed).

The ultimate act of self love, forgiveness, is the choice to finally let go of the weight of discomfort from the past and to allow ourselves to indulge fully in the peace of the present moment

Over the next two days, in a commitment to the release of resentment and the decision to no longer allow regrets or irritations to haunt us, let’s write 2 letters:

1) On day one, we’ll write a letter to ourselves, forgiving ourselves for actions that have caused harm. In compassionate words, we’ll offer grace as we acknowledging our behavior, we’ll remind ourselves of the growth we’ve achieved (and vow to apply the lessons learned to actively do better), and we’ll say goodbye to the guilt that hasn’t been serving us.

Download PDF • 188KB

2) On day two, let’s forgive someone who has caused us hurt and pain. We won’t excuse or justify their bad behavior, but in our letter of love, we will recognize that our progress depends on releasing the fear and anxiety that they inflicted, we’ll declutter our mind (and / or possibly our physical spaces) of the memories and / or artifacts that remind us of the damage, and we’ll set clear boundaries for a healthier future (free from the ill will that hasn’t served our emotional or physical wellbeing).

To solidify our commitment to release this harmful emotional baggage, I suggest burning, flushing, or trashing the letters when we are done.

Let me know how it goes in the comments.

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