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Feeling Lucky?!

Updated: Jan 27

Here's a fun ritual to transform your relationship with money and to help you manifest more!

Let's align with the feeling of gratitude before we get started.

In this quick meditation, we'll connect with Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Ariel to express appreciation for the blessings and synchronicities we've experienced. This will give us the right energetic and emotional mindset to start playing with and manifesting money.

Luck Meditation:

Now that we're feeling grateful, we'll reframe our relationship with money by playfully folding four $1 origami hearts. Have fun with this and don't take it too seriously. The point of this activity is to engage with cash in a joyful and fun-loving manner. Each heart will be one leaf in our lucky four-leaf clover.

Here's how to fold a heart from a $1 bill:

We will write something we feel lucky for on each leaf of our dollar clover.

On the first leaf, write an "I am" statement, on the second write an "I can" statement, on the third an "I have" statement, and on the fourth an "I will" statement. These statements don't have to be too deep.

Here are some examples of what I've written in the past:

I am helpful.

I am kindhearted.

I am safe.

I can be of service to others.

I can rely on my friends and family for support.

I can trust the Universe to have my back.

I have money in my bank account.

I have food in my belly.

I have a comfortable home and sanctuary.

I will use my abundance for the highest good of all.

I will achieve my dreams.

I will be well taken care of.

Feel free to ask the cards for guidance, but make sure to maintain a playful and lighthearted approach throughout this ritual:

Once we're done writing, we'll hold the four leaves close to our hearts and FEEL the gratitude. Throughout the week, revisit these leaves: touch them, smell them, play with them, and most importantly, express gratitude for the I can, I am, I have, and I will statements we've written.

And now for my favorite part:

When our clovers are fully charged with gratitude, we'll give each of the leaves away.

You can drop them on the ground for someone to find, leave them as a tip at a cafe or coffee shop, or offer them to friends or coworkers as a bit of luck.

When we share our gifts with the world, we amplify the abundance, and even greater gifts are returned.

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