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Clutter Clearing

One of the simplest ways to make space for something new, whether it’s a new job, home, partner, or even just a healthier outlook, is to clear the existing clutter from our life. Want a new romance? We need to make space in our home, closets, beds, etc for another human (other than ourself) and, while we’re at it, we should clear the artifacts, letters, and photos of partners past. Feeling stagnant in our career? Let’s clean out our email inbox, our computer desktop, and even our physical file cabinets and workspaces. Just feeling overwhelmed in general? We can tidy up our junk drawers, throw out expired medicines, makeups, and food items, and make sure walkways and hallways are clear so energy can flow.

For those of us that don’t know where to start with our clutter clearing practice, let’s look to the words below for guidance. Let's circle the first three words we find.

What would starting with the three things above look like and what aspect of our life would be improved by decluttering these areas?

Want to take this activity to the next level? Ask the card (Tarot, Oracle, Angel, etc) to offer further analysis by using the worksheet below.

Clutter Clearing Worksheet
Download PDF • 698KB

What three words did you find first? Let us know in the comments.

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