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Celebrate Self

As we celebrate this month of Pride, Archangel Chamuel empowers you to step out, take risks, and live the audaciously authentic life of your dreams. This is your moment to be seen and to share your unique gifts with the world.

Archangel Jophiel invites you to actively practice the self care you have been neglecting and to embrace and love your perfectly flawed self. You have entered this lifetime to be a beacon of hope and light to the world around you and that compassion and love must begin with the relationship you have with yourself.

Bask in the unconditional love and acceptance that Chamuel and Jophiel adorn you with.

You are beautiful.

You are special.

You are loved.

You are safe.


Our theme is a celebration of SELF, so join us on zoom for meditation, readings, and a virtual community filled with love & laughter: It’s a Virtual Angel Party!

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