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Candle Ritual

Between our forgiveness work and our vulnerability practice, we've been pretty serious lately.

Let's lighten the mood (literally) with this fun candle ritual:

Step 1) Choose your candle color based on your desire (ie- green for health and money, white for peace and protection, or red for sex and passion). Comment below, if you'd like to learn other color options.

Step 2) Take a bath and cleanse yourself in salt (Himalayan or sea salt work best).

Step 3) Once you're dry and out of the bath, set your intention. I like to write it down and then repeat it three times as I'm lighting my candle.

Step 4) Let it burn completely. If you need to blow it out, repeat steps two and three before lighting it again.

What color candle will you be burning? Let me know in the comments.

HOT TIP: Burn your candles responsibly (and keep away from pets, children, and flowing fabrics). Keep candles within your line of site and / or burn candles in a safe place like a sink or a shower.

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