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It’s important to remember that we can love, respect, and even honor our ancestors, without carrying their burdens and baggage.

For today’s practice, we’re going to release ourselves from the ancestral traumas that don’t benefit us, rewrite our ancestral story from a place of power and positivity, and carry forward traditions that stem from a place of gratitude and affection.

Let’s start with a quick meditation and allow Archangel Michael to cut the ancestral cords that have been holding us back:

Now that we’ve released ourselves from negative ancestral attachments, let’s rewrite our story from the perspective of empowerment.

Next write what traditions and stories we will carry with us moving forward to honor the firm foundation our ancestors have laid for us.

Set a time for at least 15 minutes and answer the prompts freely and thoroughly:

And, finally, let’s pull some tarot or oracle cards and see if the messages from the cards are in alignment with our journal reflections:

What were the takeaways? Let is know in the comments.

Join the party:

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