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There are ups and downs in life. Without sorrow, there's no benchmark for joy. And without the understanding of heartbreak, there's no capacity for love.

The key is to be fully present in whichever emotion we're feeling in the moment. Don't mask it, numb it, or pretend it doesn't exist. Don't prematurely attempt to accelerate out of it, but don't wallow or settle into an emotion either.

Too often we dig into grief, anxiety, anger, and sadness. We become so attached to the circumstances and stories that have birthed these emotions that we resist any energetic opportunity to align with a happier thought... it's a protective mechanism. Then when it comes to the seemingly more positive feelings (abundance, security, pleasure, etc), we refuse to stay engaged... in perpetual fear that the other shoe will drop and that we can't fully enjoy the emotion because it's not going to last.

There's the rub... It's all temporary!

So with the empowerment of that knowledge, let's spend today in full presence... not stuck in a narrative from the past or worry for the future, but here right now, fully accepting of this moment.

And extra credit if we can find something to be grateful for.

With this mindset, let's connect to Archangel Haniel and align with our current emotional state:

Putting pen to paper.

We'll take a few minutes after the meditation to reflect on, without judgment, where we're at physically emotionally right now.

Some questions to consider:

  1. What, emotionally, have I been avoiding, numbing, or procrastinating?

  2. What will happen and how will I feel, if I allow myself to be fully present in this emotion that I've been avoiding?

  3. What joyful activity or practice have I been depriving myself of or delaying?

  4. What action can I take to ease myself gently into a higher vibration?

Tarot or Oracle Cards.

Let’s ask the cards (angels) the same questions... are the answers from the cards we pull in alignment with the answers we wrote above?


It's the first of the month, so let's reset our space with this simple Sea Salt and Cinnamon Ritual.

Step outside with the front door to our house or apartment wide open. With a small amount of sea salt in your left hand, affirm "Thank you angels for clearing this home of all the energies that do not serve me!" and blow the sea salt into the home. Now with a small amount of ground cinnamon in our left hand, affirm "Thank you angels for filling my home with the health, wealth, and happiness that is my birthright!" and blow the cinnamon through the threshold.

Allow the salt and cinnamon to settle on the floor of your entryway for as long as possible (at least a day or two).

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