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Angel Art Experience


John presenting an Angel Art Reading

A Colorful Channeled Message from the Angels

Live on Zoom, John's intuitive art will appear before your eyes.  As the vibrant colors, swirls of paint, and smudged shapes appear on the page, John will translate the direct messages from the Angels.  This is not your typical predictive reading but a prescriptive experience, where the channeled messages identify blockages and articulate areas where you can take aligned action toward your dreams.

The Process

Ruth H, NY

“Don't hesitate! Book a session with John today."
John Presenting an Angel Art Reading

Join the Party!

Along with your private 45-minute Zoom session, you'll get access to a year of monthly Angel Parties for added support. Each 2-hour virtual party includes a themed meditation, journal reflection, Angel Art Readings, and often a ritual or tarot spread for continued connection with the Angels.

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