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Angel Party


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Live on Zoom

Hosted virtually each month, Angel Parties provide an encouraging and uplifting space to connect with a likeminded community of friends.  Whether you're attending once (to check it out) or you're a regular, the themed rituals and Angel Art Readings will encourage you to think critically about your current situation, release the baggage that is slowing you down, and to take aligned action toward your dreams.  Parties are available for $22 per ticket or come complimentary with any paid membership plan. 

The Party Plan

Angie Z, IL

“So positive and uplifting!"

Comfort and Consent

Get cozy!  Angel Parties are a judgment free zone! For your privacy these 90-minute zoom sessions are never recorded, so you're encouraged to get comfortable.  Readings are never provided without permission and consent is always requested before being presented with difficult topic or information. The  participant chat is always positive, compassionate, and kind and access to the private Angel Party Group is available for continued support and guidance following the event. 

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